The Green Grocer


July 26, 2009 by doyouwanttostayforbreakfast

This blog had to take a hiatus after only it’s first week so Magister’s recommendation of The Green Grocer was the perfect choice. The Green Grocer on St Georges Road sucks you in, wraps its arms around you and makes you hang up on people so you can call them back later.

Both a cafe and an organic foodstore, with cookbooks dotting the shelves inbetween produce, The Green Grocer proudly espouses it’s organic ethos and everything in the cafe and foodstore is dedicated to championing this philosophy. The walls stylishly display organic produce ranging from simple obvious pleasure such as poached vanilla pears to the unusually titled ‘4 ever fish’ range of organic fish products, which only makes fish that much more unappetising for an anti-pescatarian like myelf.

The Green Grocer makes eating breakfast a calming and enjoyable experience as you sit inside toasted by  the fire, soothed by diffused lighting and cloaked by the rich colours of the produce lining the walls. Both Ms. P and myself indulged in the the french toast with cinammon marscapone, honey and pear which was delectable and, most importantly, not overly rich. Oddly though it only comes with half a pear served in a seperate dish, presumably this is an aesthetic choice. The Boston Beans (red kidney beans, tomato, ginger, fetta and parsley), rated as superb by Magister were served on sourdough and mixed grain.

What makes The Green Grocer stand out is it’s carefully engineered, ostensibly throwaway, details. The covered walkway lets you eat outside but stay warm, pictures sit in a nook by the corner and the outside of the toilets is lined with garlands of herb. It’s like going into a well lived in home and that makes you feel comfortable enough to put your feet up on the couches.

No place is perfect and in the interest of balance there were a couple of small drawbacks; the service was a little slow, it took some flagging to order a second tea and the table became a little crowded with empty water bottles and plates. These little elements only stood out because we were looking and did not detract from the overall ambience or enjoyment of breakfast.

The menu itelf is not extensive and if you are looking for a sweet breakfast your options are limited, but The Green Grocer is not just about the food it’s about the experience.

And, did we want to stay for breakfast? Absolutely, will also be revisiting in summer to see if it maintains it’s charms.

Ratings (out 0f 10):

  • Overall   8.5
  • Atmosphere 9.5
  • Service 8
  • Food     8
  • Coffee(rated by Ms. Pseudonym & Magister) 8.5

One thought on “The Green Grocer

  1. rdugonnaeatthat says:

    Hey. I am a wordpress newbie and I just wanted to say I stumbled on your blog and I have enjoyed what I read so far. I particularly like your rating system which seems to give a very complete picture of what you thought of the place.

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