Min Lokal


May 16, 2010 by doyouwanttostayforbreakfast

Min Lokal – 422 Georges Rd Fitzroy

A few months ago I bought some sunglasses in fluoro blue and green which I thought were the sex. So I was feeling pretty fabulous until I got home and was greeted with the following: ‘those are the ugliest glasses I have ever seen. Seriously.’

I was crushed and hid the sunglasses away where they could be mocked no more.

But then I found a place that embraced my love of outrageous sunglass statements so much that my own sunglasses seemed positively conservative – Min Lokal. I have worn these sunglasses to Min Lokal several times safe in the knowledge that they are among their own kind and shan’t be mocked.

Min Lokal is very inner Fitzroy cool, but surprisingly, unlike other inner Fitzroy cafes (I’m looking at you Ici) there is no snobbery here. There is an egalitarian feel with incredibly helpful staff, a delicious and adventurous menu that is written in chalk on the chalkboard. And if you get there early enough you can even hide out the back on the big communal table.

When Miss V. Lante, Marmite Judderbar and I jumped on one of the big communal tables in the front a fellow breakfaster struck up a conversation about the previous night’s Regina Spektor concert. Min Lokal is friendly. The interior is low-key with sparse retro furnishings kind of like being in Grandma’s living room. Min Lokal has been designed with an emphasis on bringing people together to eat some great food, and it works.

Miss V. Lante had the BAT – scrambled eggs, avocado, and cherry tomato salad on toast.  It was a delicious stack of complimentary flavours which tasted as good as it looked.

Marmite Judderbar had the Tallegio – with cauliflower, potato, roquette, caramalised onions, eggs, bacon and toast. I was very jealous of his choice and knew I had picked the wrong meal. The Taleggio was good, hearty baked eggs. We couldn’t work out if the cauliflower was hiding or just hadn’t been included but this didn’t detract from a satisfying breakfast.

I had the poached eggs on toast with tomato relish, mushrooms and feta marinated in lemon myrtle. I will admit it was a mistake to choose this to review, because it wasn’t a meal as such. And while it was tasty and all the elements worked well, it didn’t properly reflect what Min Lokal can do. However I can recommend the waffles with pear which I have eaten previously, they are definitely worth giving a try if you are after a sweet treat.

I must quickly acknowledge another blog of which I am a fan and who’s review of Min Lokal put me onto the wonder that is their waffles – Where’s the Beef? Check out the link below for a picture of the wonderful waffles that I did not order and their review.


And, do we want to stay for breakfast? Absolutely and wear your most outrageous sunnies, there is no judgement here

Ratings (out 0f 10):

  • Overall   9
  • Atmosphere 9.5
  • Service  9
  • Food    8.5
  • Coffee 7 (good but not great)

2 thoughts on “Min Lokal

  1. Cindy says:

    Hey, thanks for the link. 🙂

    Looks like the menu has changed a little since I was last there, a sure sign that I should go back soon!

  2. Another melb food blogger gave it a scathing review a while back. I’ve only eaten there on quiet, weekday mornings and agree with you that the staff were perfect -relaxed and friendly vs ubercool (making them cooler in my book!), and the menu interesting. Glad to hear others have had a similar experience.

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