Cafe Rosamond

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August 1, 2010 by doyouwanttostayforbreakfast


191 Smith St (at the rear) or just off Smith St on Charles St, Fitzroy/Collingwood

 To start I would strongly recommend that you don’t take your kids to Cafe Rosamond, they have great food, lovely staff and a diverse and liberal range of magazines. These magazines featured a variety of scantily clad people performing a variety of tasks and a variety of other arty things. To be clear, it’s not pornography and not all of it was visual, but if members of your breakfast party choose to start reading the articles out loud you may be turned off your breakfast. Sufficed to say you don’t want your kiddies coming across these, might make for awkward times.

 But filth masquerading as art, or art masquerading as filth, aside Cafe Rosamond is many kinds of wonderful. I got a bit over excited when organising breakfast and had 8 people coming to breakfast in the little Cafe Rosamond which is pretty much a hole in the wall type place on Charles St, just off Smith St.

 Showing up half an hour early I spotted the one table that would accommodate us, spoke to the friendly staff and as soon as it vacated they let me sit down early and wait for everyone else to join me. The staff gave me tea and water while I waited and couldn’t have been more friendly.

 The menu is limited but cheap and between us we tried:

Scrambled eggs with bacon – the scrambled eggs were nice and fluffy made with cream and butter with generous bacon.

 House made baked beans on toasted organic sourdough with feta and a side of bacon. Reviewed by the bean aficionado who “tries to get around to check out the beans” they were spicy, with great feta but the bacon was too thick.

 Muesli with fresh seasonal fruit, yoghurt and honey – it was wholesome and as good as muesli gets.

 Egg and bacon roll – scrambled egg, bacon, dressed lettuce, fresh herbs and mayonnaise. A poor choice for breakfast as it is clearly a lunchtime choice it was very eggy, but with homemade mayonnaise it hit the spot.

 Cafe Rosamond only let themselves down by forgetting about the extra teas and coffees ordered. Cafe Rosamond is extremely busy and the staff definitely got a bit overwhelmed, but with the little space I don’t think they could fit anymore staff in.

And, do we want to stay for breakfast? Absolutely, it might even get a little saucy (pardon the pun)

Ratings (out 0f 10):

  • Overall 8
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Service 8 (extra points for helping with the table, lost points for forgetting coffees and teas)
  • Food 8
  • Coffee 7

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