Chez Dre


January 29, 2012 by doyouwanttostayforbreakfast

285/287 Coventry St, South Melbourne

What a better way to restart my blog than with an Australia Day breakfast at Chez Dre. In true Australian fashion we embraced cultures from around the world by starting with a French breakfast with some Aussies, some Yanks and a Brazilian. A special shout out to the Caipirinha who celebrated her first Australia Day as an Australian Citizen.

Chez Dre is set in a converted warehouse down a laneway off Coventry St in South Melbourne, just walk down beside the furniture shop.  Chez Dre combines a modern open kitchen with a warehouse feel that uses contrasting textures in a way that maintains a spacious feeling whist maintaining interest. Materials used include green and white tiling throughout he kitchen, contrasted with exposed aluminium tracking along the roof and concrete and patterned red linoleum flooring.

The food did not disappoint, the Badger had the ‘Moroccan Baked Eggs’ with spicy herb lamb sausages, minted yoghurt and warm baguette. The meal was slightly acidic overall and the sausages had a good flavour.

Gustavo tried the ‘Poached Eggs on Sourdough’ with house marinated smoked salmon and smashed avocado with goat’s cheese. It looked delicious and had a lemony zest, which he would definitely come back for.

I had the ‘Breakfast Platter’ a traditional French breakfast it has a little selection of everything on a wooden platter: Gruyère cheese, smoked ham, boiled egg, poached fruit, vanilla yoghurt with granola, raspberry jam, butter, croissant and baguette. It’s a filling breakfast that is an absolutely delightful mix of flavours and textures that you can combine in any way you please.

The coffee from ‘Mailing Room’ received rave reviews for having a slightly nutty flavour. However I found the ‘Larsen and Thompson’ tea a little bitter for my liking.

Before signing off I must give a quick mention to the toilets which send you back to the 70s with floral wallpaper and a hanging basket, but best of all they have a hook on the wall for your bag – genius. They are also disabled friendly, something we should see more of.

And, do we want to stay for breakfast? Oui, encore et encore

Ratings (out of 10):

  • Overall               
  • Atmosphere   8
  • Service               8
  • Food                     9
  • Coffee                  9

One thought on “Chez Dre

  1. flyingenie says:

    omg that looks so awesome!

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